Impact of common conditions on our health

25 Jul Impact of common conditions on our health

Have you ever thought about the impact of colds, digestive problems, lack of sleep, stress or musculoskeletal disorders on yourself, your performance at work or on your family? Do you care for yourself to be your best every day?

The Sanofi ‘Self Care: Be Your Best’ 2018 Report shows how these untreated illnesses can have an important impact on our professional and personal lives.

Report Conclusions:

  • 26% of respondents were forced to take a day of sick leave in the last month because of a common health problem.
  • Over the past month, 44% of people who went to work suffer from common health problems, while 75% of respondents say it ha affected their productivity.
  • In all countries, stress has the greatest impact on the workplace, while 73% of those who suffer from weekly stress affirm that it has an important impact on their state of mind.
  • 41% of people say that common health problems have an important impact on self-confidence.
  • More than half of employees say that their health problems affected their motivation to work (54%), concentration (54%) and their mood (55%).
  • Stress has the strongest impact in the workplace, and 72% of those who say they are stressed, say this affection has an important impact on their motivation to go to work.

(Study done among over 18,000 people in 9 countries: USA, Mexico, Brazil, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Australia and Japan)

You can download the complete study HERE.