Emotional wellbeing is based on feelings and inner experiences. It implies a full acceptance of thoughts and behaviors, whether positive or negative and the ability to be aware of what we feel, without denying or suppressing unpleasant experiences.

A balanced emotional life is extremely important to health. The stress management techniques, breathing relaxation, therapies for the improvement of sleep quality and the coaching or counseling sessions actively contribute to reaching a general wellbeing.

The programs we developed help the employees to better organize themselves and take on a positive attitude when faced with daily situations. They will notice:

  • An increased self-confidence, self-esteem
  • Better relationships with those around them
  • Improved communication skills
  • Stronger interpersonal skills
  • Improved performance at the office
  • A right balance between work and personal life
  • Extended career opportunities
  • A more efficient time organization and management

The Wellington programs are based on 7 pillars


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