Exploring spirituality is a unique and special process for each individual. Unfortunately, the human spirit is often the most neglected component of the self. Just like exercise helps the body and keeps it healthy, there are practices that “drive” the spiritual side. It is that part of us that motivates us, helps us reach the state of inner peace and provides us with resources in hard times. A strong spirit allows us to flourish, evolve and keep our dignity when faced with obstacles.

Our spiritual wellness programs promote inner reconnaissance techniques, self-awareness and harmonization with the environment that will help the employees:

  • Discover their purpose in life
  • Spend more time with themselves and reflect on daily events
  • Define a sense of justice and act accordingly
  • Explain the things they believe in or feel
  • Pay attention to and take care of those around them and the environment
  • Be more forgiving and sympathetic with the people in their lives

Whether it is meditation and yoga sessions or feng shui seminars, spirituality is an important part of a health and balanced life.

The Wellington programs are based on 7 pillars


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