Who we are

Wellington is the first company in Romania that offers integrated wellness corporate programs, customized according to the needs and goals of each customer.

The notion of Corporate Wellness first appeared in the United States of America 40 years ago. It began as a way of treating various occupational diseases, but time showed that prevention is, in fact, the most important. For a healthy life, we need to find balance on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Originally, we started as a division of Max Relax, the company who first introduced the On-Site Chair Massage service on the Romanian market. In 2015 we decided to pursue and extend the corporate wellness activity of the division by creating a standalone brand – Wellington

Our product range fully covers the areas of wellness and it comes to the aid of responsible companies, willing to invest in their employees’ “wellbeing”. Thus, we become a trusted partner providing the tools and support needed for a balanced lifestyle.

In 2015 we got the Corporate Wellness Specialist Certification granted by the Corporate Health & Wellness Association (CHWA) in the USA (the first certification in Central and Eastern Europe).

Our activities are conducted on-site; they inform, educate and encourage employees to lead a healthy life. This results in an improved working environment, increased productivity and motivation.

Our team, comprised of specialists in physical therapy, sports, massage, nutrition, coaching or communication is actively involved and meets the specific needs of the customers by integrating and customizing the wellness programs, delivered and organized in a professional manner.

“The era when you got hired in a company at 20 and leave that job only when you retired is long gone. The labor market is volatile now, the opportunities are within reach, so companies understood that their employees are important and they must be kept. Actually, not only must they be kept, but also taken care of – so that they are healthy, happy and actively working at the job.”

Alina Grozescu
Founder&CEO of Max Relax and Wellington


A healthy and happy employee is a productive employee. We contribute to creating a positive climate, we support a pleasant working environment and a balanced life at all levels. We are the trusted partner of companies in providing wellness corporate services and the main partner in increasing the productivity of their employees.


We inspire change in the life of the Romanian employees. We encourage them to lead a healthier life, we bring a positive attitude and we are enthusiastic about the idea that any goal can be achieved. We are an active factor in reaching a balance both at work and in personal life.



We are the first to have initiated integrated wellness programs, by developing customized services to match the customers’ needs. Wellington is a dynamic, constantly developing company that always diversifies and refines its services and programs. By know-how and state-of-the-art technology, we define performance in terms of corporate wellness.


We adapt to the customers’ needs and requirements and we greet their ideas with an open and positive attitude. In our partners’ proposals we see a developing opportunity for us and we accept the challenge with enthusiasm and professionalism.

A good mood

We will always surprise our customers with a good mood that will bring smile to their faces. No matter the activity we organize, the Wellington specialists will always be cheerful and positive, careful with the participants’ needs, a source of relaxation and comfort.

The team

We are a solid team fighting for a common purpose of contributing to the customers’ wellbeing by offering 360-degree wellness programs.


We care about maintaining motivation and professional training of our own staff and we show an increased interest in the satisfaction of our customers. The commitments we make are promptly and professionally observed each time, no matter the obstacles.