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Learn the secrets to a healthy life with us, at the corporate wellness events.

Over the years, we have developed a series of events that comply with a basic structure and are customizable depending on the desires of the partner companies.

This type of service came up after we identified appointment models and activity combinations that were tailored to suit the needs of several corporations. Today, we have a series of specific events in our portfolio, which we invite you to discover:

Wellness Week

A week when the wellness activities combine in an event dedicated to employees. We customize each single day, depending on the needs, by approaching various topics from nutrition and sports and up to stress management.

Wellness Day

A one-day event comprising several wellness activities, depending on the partners’ requirements and availability.

Wellness Corner

A special day dedicated to health, which we organize in a creative way for our customers: fresh fruit baskets, juices, massage, fitness equipment and the innovative Smoothie Bike.

Wellness Teambuilding

Together with specialized trainers, we bind the goals of teambuilding with nutrition, sports and relaxation-related activities in a single event.

Sports Events

Sports competitions are entertaining, energizing and motivate the employees. In addition, it is a god opportunity for networking and knowing others outside the formal office environment.

Wellness Party

A wellness-themed party, where sports activities, fun and wellbeing become one.

Kids Wellness Party

A party for the employees’ children, where the little ones learn how to have fun in a healthy manner.

All events are supported by an online platform that facilitates both employees’ information and access to activities, and the management of appointments.

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