7 ways to Measure Success That Have Nothing to Do With Money

03 Aug 7 ways to Measure Success That Have Nothing to Do With Money

Success is not always about money. In fact, you cand have tons of money, but still feel sad or unfulfilled. Here are some of the most important factors to take into account when it comes to success:

  • How Relaxed You Feel

When you walk, wait, go to the gym or watch TV – how do you feel your body? Are you always looking at your phone? Are your shoulders  tense? Are you always in a hurry or you can enjoy a walk, a TV show or the beautiful weather?

It’s ok to feel in a continuous sprint to get things done but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Be aware, don’t feel completely attached to your phone. If you have an emergency, use the Memo option and…Breathe.

  • The pleasure you have

Pleasure takes many forms.Sometimes we only need to wake up later during weekend or playing a musical instrument just for fun. Go out with your friends and not set an hour to come back home or walking to our destination… slowly.

  • Have a Hobby

Every time we talk about hobbies, we hesitate to give an answear immediately because many of us don’t make time for it. Choose what makes you pleasure, join clubs and interact with people you share similar passions.

  • The way you feel

Take a moment and listen your body. Do you feel any pain or discomfort? Are you tired? Are you tense? Do you feel your body heavy? How you feel physically is a great barometer of what’s going on with you emotionally. Are you sleeping enough, taking a few minutes for yourself, skipping out on a doctor’s checkup because you’re too busy?

  • How you see yourself

True fulfillment comes from our contentment to ourselves. Are you acting natural, truly you throughout the day? Do you want to make a change to yourself? To be more open? Would you be pursuing an entirely different career? Would you stop spending so much time doing things that don’t make you happy?

  • The relationships you Have

Instead of focusing on negative feelings or discontent, you can focus on positive things and valuable relationships that makes us feel appreciated. A colegue, brother or sister you trust the most, a neighbor? Having good relationships is a great sign of a healthy and fulfilled life. We don’t have to be perfect, just to be good with ourselves and those around us.

  1. The Perspectives

Optimistic people believe the future would be even better than the present. Do you feel you will have a good spring, a good summer, a whole year? And what about the future? Does it makes you feel peaceful, confident?

The best ideas and decisions come when you feel calm and happy. If you replace the word “stress” with “fear”, you understand that when you are stressed, you are probably afraid of something. You may be afraid of failure or not attaining your potential. But whatever your fear is, a first step is to understand and face it.

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