6 Steps for Spring Detox

04 Apr 6 Steps for Spring Detox

Over the winter months, some of us make food choices less happy and let the exercise program slide. All of these connected with cold wheater may lead to colds, grips or viroses. Detoxification can help the body regain the vitality and fortify it. Furthermore, it’s a good way to return to shape for the spring wardrobe.

On an energetic level, spring is the ideal time for detox. Everything seems easier in spring. It’s the freshest season, of new things, of new beginnings. It’s also the perfect moment to make changes in your lifestyle and to set a plan for detox. Spring encourages us to try new things, to keep our plans and achieve our goals. We are more open, energetic and enthusiastic. Why would not it be the time to do something for our health?

However, detoxification is not a one-time solution with fast and permanent results. To maintain good health, you must always be aware of your diet and exercise program. You should also be prepared to take care of environmental factors, mental health and emotions. Because one of the things that ages us more than most anything is stress.

  1. Add one green vegetable to every meal

Green vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and represent a good source of fiber that can help you to control your hunger by keeping you feeling fuller. Even if you’re not a huge veggie fan, there are so many delicious ways to prepare and enjoy them. Start the day with a green smoothie, hummus and a salad at noon and a soup for dinner.

  1. Add 30 minutes of movement every day

If you’ve spent most of your free time during winter on the couch, getting back into an exercise routine can be intimidating. But getting up and moving is essential for detox and feeling energized. It’s recommended that adults aged 25 to 64 get two and a half hours of exercise each week. While that may sound like a lot, broken down per day it’s just 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week.

  1. Go to sleep 30 minutes earlier

Few people know that sleep is an important part of a detox. Beyond the feeling of well-rested, a good quality sleep has major benefits. In fact, numerous studies and research have linked lack of sleep to increased risk of obesity because it de-regulates appetite. Arielle Fierman, certified health and nutrition coach says that it’s indicated to not use an electronic device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) before one hour of sleep. Equally, she recommends drinking a herbal tea, like chamomile, to help us relax the digestive system before bedtime.

  1. Add 2 Glasses of water to your day

Water is the key to cleansing the body, hydrating your skin and boosting your metabolism. Many of us don’t reach the Institute of Medicine’s daily water recommendation of 2,7 liters for women and 3,7 liters for men. Start by adding two glasses to your daily routine – one when you wake up and one right before you go to bed.

  1. Meditate for one minute each day

A healthy lifestyle depends equally on how you feel and think. Taking time each day to clear your mind and re-center your energy will help you fight stress and allow you to be more productive for the rest of the day. Arielle Fierman says that she meditates in the morning because it helps her start the day. “Anytime that you need a quick break, a dose of inspiration and calmness, just stop, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. I often do it before I’m walking into an important meeting or even while commuting on the subway!” If meditating doesn’t come naturally to you, she recommends concentrating on your breathing or playing a calming song while you sit quietly.

  1. Do not eat anything you can’t pronounce

Overhauling your entire diet is not easy but nor impossible. Start with a simple rule: read the ingredients. For lack of time, we sacrifice health and choose unhealthy foods. Try to read the labels and only choose products whose ingredients you can pronounce and recognize.

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